Pete Cheslock

Using Open Source AppMap for Runtime Security Analysis

A Talk by Pete Cheslock (AppMap)

About this Talk

In this workshop (or presentation - we are flexible on the format). We will show how new users can use AppMap, an open source runtime code analysis tool, to analyze a vulnerable ruby on rails application. We'll show how users can get up and running using VS Code Editor, how to install the AppMap extension into VS Code, how to add AppMap libraries into their software project and then we'll show multiple ways of recording interactions with AppMap.

1) using the existing tests to record application interactions

2) recording each individual request hitting the application

3) recording a complete user interaction (multiple requests)

From here we'll investigate security findings that can only be picked up within a runtime analysis of the software.

Our Youtube has a variety of video content on this topic that we'll present in a clearer "flow" for new users.

For more info on this session, please visit the session page on the Summit's website.

13 December 2022, 04:00 PM

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

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Pete Cheslock

Pete Cheslock